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The Smart Entrepreneur and its authors have been featured in the following media coverage and speaking events:

30 May 2014

Can Apple do it Again?
The Guardian interviewed Professor Bart Clarysse about whether Apple can prove its innvoative flair. Professor Bart Clarysse talks of Apple's vision to the mainstream market.

27 March 2013
Weekend Executive MBA
Professor Bart Clarysse and alumnus Tamar Ghosh talk about developing an entrepreneurial mindset which supports students who then go onto start a business.

26 March 2013
European Institute of Innovation & Technology Foundation
Professor Bart Clarysse was part of an academic lead for a six month pilot programme for the European Institute of Innovation & Technology Foundation, carried out with the active support of the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications, and academically steered by Imperial College London.

4 Dec 2012
The Increasing Importance of Innovation in the Business World

Professor Bart Clarysse joins other business school academics to discuss the increasing importance of innovation in the business world and.

25 Sep 2012
Increasing Number of Business Incubators

Professor Bart Clarysse, in the Financial Times notes the increasing presence of incubators within business schools.

19 Sep 2012
The Patent War: Apple vs Samsung
Professor Bart Clarysse takes part in a panel discussion on the Voice of Russia radio station about a recent decision by a court in the US ordering Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion damages for infringing intellectual property

5 Mar 2012
Student Entrepreneurs Frustrated by the Lack of Funding
Professor Bart Clarysse is featured in the Guardian about student entrepreneurs.

18 Feb 2012
So You Think You're Hardwired to be an Entrepreneur?
Sabrina Kiefer talks at the National Student Enterprise Council 2012 (NACUE)
27 Jan 2012
Lean Startup Creator Eric Ries Packs The House at London Event
Sabrina Kiefer writes on about the Business Leaders Network (BLN) event showcasing Eric Ries, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup.

17 Jan 2012
Is there a market in the gap? How to assess the financial prospects of your new business idea
Sabrina Kiefer writes on about turning a new idea into a financially viable business.

17 Nov 2011
How to gain market access if your business idea is ahead of its time:

Sabrina Kiefer writes on about launching a new technology or concept in an 'uncertain' environment.

11 Nov 2011
How to avoid a blind, shoot-from-the-hip market estimation to keep your business case credible to investors:

Sabrina Kiefer writes on about how entrepreneurs can obtain market segmentation information to back up their business case, without access to a big-company budget.

3 Nov 2011
The benefits of strategic partnerships to startups ... and when to walk away:

Sabrina Kiefer writes on about the benefits to startups of forming strategic partnerships and whether the potential costs could be too high.

1 Nov 2011
Well smart
The Smart Entrepreneur reviewed in Cambridge Business magazine.

1 Nov 2011
A tale of two Cambridges
Sabrina Kiefer is profiled in Cambridge Business magazine.

25 Oct 2011
What you need to know about milestone funding: The structure of the deal, the dilution and the valuation of your company:

Sabrina Kiefer writes on about how to structure a deal with investors, a question for any entrepreneur who needs funding for growth.

19 Oct 2011
Patenting strategy for a new venture: Tips for entrepreneurs:
Sabrina Kiefer writes on, about decision factors to consider when planning a patenting strategy.

28 Sept 2011
Entrepreneurs on the move:
Sabrina Kiefer speaks at the event in Cambridge designed to inspire wannabe/gottabe entrepreneurs.

6 July 2011
Testing your product at the idea state (before alpha):

Sabrina Kiefer gives her advice for web based start-ups on Women 2.0, a global network and social platform for aspiring and current female founders of technology ventures.

15 June 2011
Question the conventional wisdom on patenting and finance for start-ups:
Sabrina Kiefer writes in Science Business about how essential intellectual property rights and equity are for start-ups.

5 June 2011
To patent or not to patent? 
An abstract from The Smart Entrepreneur features on the Real Business website, looking at whether patent applications are worth the cost.