"What separates this book from the also-rans? It’s brisker and more purposeful than many examples of the genre.... It’s better organised and the case studies are cuter, more attention-grabbing and more attention-holding. It covers more ground more coherently than any of its rivals."
Cambridge Business Magazine

"One of the best books on entrepreneurship available"
Professor Alan Barrell – Cambridge University

“A smart investment for smart entrepreneurs”
Patrick Dunne – Group Communications Director, 3i

“A must read for any entrepreneur with an aspiration for great success. This book offers practical guidance that allows ideas and innovation to flourish while applying the discipline required to develop your business."
Nigel Grierson – Managing Director, Doughty Hanson & Co. Technology Ventures

“The Smart Entrepreneur is a welcome addition to the genre of business books. Full of detailed, practical guidance and real-life examples, it will be of benefit to anyone setting out into the world of entrepreneurial 'venturing'."
Anthony Clarke – CEO, Angel Capital Group

"This book covers the journey the entrepreneur needs to make from idea to success in a comprehensive, practical and readable way. They pinpoint many of the pitfalls I have seen in plans and businesses around and identifying suitable markets, making good assumptions and market share, and indeed raising money. The book is illustrated and brought to life by many interesting and relevant case studies… This is a really good place to start and I would recommend it to all aspiring entrepreneurs."
Simon Acland - Former Managing Director of Technology Venture Capitalist Quester and author of Angels, Dragons and Vultures: How to tame your investors... and not lose your company

"This is a smart, well-written and well-structured book. I've been an entrepreneur and an investor, and this book is a useful read whichever your side of the negotiating table. You can tell that it's written from experience and, unlike most academic books, has recommendations and lessons based on reality rather than theory."
Gregory Kris - CEO, Decibel Music Systems